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Susan James Socks

Susan James Socks

Staunton, United States · 4 items

Writers Sock (XL 13-15)

The Writers Sock by Susan James Socks Brand
were custom designed by a writer and reader
(Susan James) , who could not find writers
socks of high quality while providing fun
comfortable colorful reminders of being a
writer. Quality, comfort and Style came first
with the design of these socks.

This size Unisex Extra Large (13-15)
functions as a casual or professional writer
wear, as the socks are quite comfortable and

The Extra Large 13-15 size fits mens shoe size
12+ and Women’s Shoe 9-12.

This specific size of Extra Large is fun to
wear without shoes around the home and or
the writers home office.

The Writers Sock can be worn while writing
and to be worn so that we think about writing.

The Writers Sock by Susan James Socks
reinforces the ‘Secrets in My Socks’ theme of
‘Effortless Visualization.’

The knit in lettering reinforces the quality of
the sock and the design idea behind the sock.
While being both colorful and bold, these socks
feel cushiony when worn with or without

The words 'Writer', and 'W' are knitted into
the fabric, not printed on.

A wonderful easy tool to add to the writers
tool box!

Writers Socks By Susan James Socks Letters
Knitted In- Unisex Large Dark Blue With Pink

Features and Details
• Inspirational Quality Socks for Writers
• Knit in Lettering ‘Writer’ on Front Toe Panel
• Knit in Lettering ‘Writer’ on Back Spine
• Knit in Lettering ‘W’ with ‘Writer’ on Upper
• Lettering Knitted in, Not Printed On
• 95% Nylon 5% Elastic
• Size: Unisex Crew Extra Large 13-15
• Color: Dark Blue with Pink Compliment
• Beautiful Bold Colors, Won’t Fade In Wash
• 1 pair
• Reinforced Heel and Toe
• Breathable Mesh Top
• Super Comfortable and Cushiony
• Machine Washable and Dry Durable
• Made and Designed In The USA
• Effortless Visualization ‘The Writers Sock’
Provides an Awareness of The Success You
Are and The Writer You Want To Be.
• Wear While Writing, Reading, Working and
• Brilliant Gift Idea for Writers
• Fabulous Present to Yourself, The Writer!

The Extra Large 13-15 size fits mens shoe size
12+ and Women’s Shoe 9-12.

Both The Readers Sock and Writers Sock by
Susan James Socks are on Amazon and

Susan James Socks on Amazon

Susan James/Vast Five/426 Writer, LLC ARR

OH! And THIS! If for any reason, you don’t
enjoy the socks, I’ll refund you full funds
including shipping. AND maybe you do enjoy
them but want to try the other size, I’ll send you
the preferred size in the same sock. No Charge!

Simply email me the ‘deets’ at: and add
it to you contacts and or check your
s*am folder, so we don’t get lost!

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